There is no cost to you for either the Daktronics Allsports Communication Hub update or to receive a ScoreLink hardware device.

Daktronics has developed an application called Allsport Communications Hub which will capture the Allsport 5000 data in real-time and transmit it to NCAA LiveStats. This exciting new feature will enable you to receive a feed from your venue scoreboard system directly into NCAA LiveStats, giving you the option to automatically sync up NCAA LiveStats with the stadium game clock.

This update can be remotely installed to your existing Daktronics equipment. Click here to schedule your update today!

By clicking this scheduling link, you can schedule a day & time for Daktronics to remotely to complete your update.

To prepare for the installation, we would ask that all control equipment is powered on and accessible via the internet during your selected window. Internet is required for the Allsport game in progress data transmission to NCAA LiveStats. Please connect your Allsport 5000 console, turn it on and run the clock (99:99).

Daktronics will take care of the rest and let you know when the update is complete.

A ScoreLink is a small device created by Sportzcast which connects to your existing scoreboard system and enables network distribution of your data in real-time for integration uses such as NCAA LiveStats.

Yes. If you have a scoreboard other than Daktronics, or would prefer to use a ScoreLink device to connect your scoreboard system to NCAA LiveStats you can certainly do so.

The Daktronics Allsport Communication Hub simply makes connecting your gameclock to NCAA LiveStats easier than ever!

Possibly. If you are a previous user of NCAA LiveStats, please check with the NCAA LiveStats team to ensure that you have the most up to date version before the season.

You can download the latest version of NCAA LiveStats by clicking here.

Yes. The NCAA LiveStats user can still adjust the clock as necessary to enter plays or make edits. You can also choose to turn off the automatic game clock if desired mid-game.

Yes, as long as the PC you are running NCAA LiveStats on is connected to the internet AND your Sportzcast device is connected to the Sportzcast cloud servers via the internet.

The Daktronics Allsport Communication Hub is available for NCAA LiveStats for Football and Basketball currently.

You will receive a Venue ID upon completion of your Allsport Communication Hub update. On gameday when you open LiveStats, simply enter that ID on the System Checks screen when preparing for your game.

During the game you will receive a real-time copy of the gameclock directly into NCAA LiveStats!

Absolutely not. On gameday your scoreboard operator will control the venue scoreboard system as normal. You will simply receive a copy of the scoreboard game clock feed into NCAA LiveStats to assist your gameday experience.

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